Top 5 shows I can't wait to see when they are on and think about all the time when they are gone.

Anyway, if you need a new show to watch/binge here are some selections I love and always keep me coming back the day the next season/episode is released. just beware one, many, or all of these shows, if binged will leave you in what's known as a "show hole" just remember at this point you can start a different show. 😆
  1. 1. Doctor Who
    Arr ma Garr.- my reaction when someone asks "what's doctor who?" Please, please watch this show.
  2. 2. Game of thrones
    This is explained, I think, perfectly by the opening credits music. ... Correction: people's Reaction to the opening credits music (Expecially when coming back to a new season). This should be enough to at least sprout some interest in the show.
  3. House of cards
    Such an addictive show. I truly wonder what these characters would do irl in the current political climate.....
  4. Orange is the new black
    I could go on and on about this one..... check it out!
  5. Sherlock
    This may be so addictive bc of my predisposition to the show runner's amazing writing. (Damn you Moffatt! For making me love/hate you! )