Figured I'd have to do one at some point so now is as good a time as any:)
  1. My name is Joshua Musgrove, but I go by Josh
    But tbh i'll answer to anything said in my direction
  2. Im the older brother of my younger brother with 3 half sisters:)
    My dad got around tbh 😂 my brother is Austin:)
  3. Just recently quit being a teenager, gave up on that, decided my twenties were a better idea
    So that happened
  4. Im a college student double majoring in biology and environmental science
    Im a nature lover, considering being an environment engineer:)
  5. Dog lover
    Frickin dogs yo
  6. But also I love all animals but my dog happens to be perfect so...
    All animals are wonderful:) even the scary ones
  7. I use WAY too many smiley faces when I text people
    Like honestly way too much but I'm like always happy so i always put smiles haha:)
  8. Music is very important to my life
    Music adds depth and feeling to things all around me and the thoughts in my head. Music compels and expresses emotion seldom spoken in conversation
  9. I love making new friends:)
    Friends give you more memories to enjoy:)
  10. I talk a lot. Like so so much. Way too much when enjoy a persons company
    And I talk fast when I get excited so that just makes it worse haha
  11. Self professed nerd
    I love intelligence, and intelligent people, and I'm a huge fan of things from star wars to lord of the rings to innumerable video games and books. I could talk about them all day, and I will if you want to talk about them too hahaha
  12. Thats probably enough for a list tbh
    Im sure half the people who ever read it might have left already haha, thanks for reading person:)