Top 5 Favorite Photos I Took Then Edited to Black & White in New Mexico

Im no professional but I love taking all kinds of photos and seeing what I can do with only my phone:)
  1. Backyard Bonfire
    Taken in my backyard, as the fire was going out I snapped this pic before heading inside with my father
  2. New Mexico Mountain View
    Taken on my family snowboarding trip at Ski Apache in NM from the bottom of the Ski slope
  3. Inn Of The Mountain Gods
    Snapped from the deck of the Inn of The Mountain Gods for a stunning sight
  4. Carlsbad Cavern Album Cover
    My brother makes an appearance in this photo and I swear it looks like this is his solo artist album cover
  5. Brighter Horizon
    My Favorite Edit To date hands down. I love the effect. Taken above the Carlsbad Caverns; my brother being more pensive than ever beneath structure on the left, though he's hard to see.