TV Shows I Plan to Binge Watch

I'm a television fanatic. I try to watch at least the first episode of every new show, but it takes a lot for me to commit to watch weekly. Devouring a show all at once is sometimes easier and helps get past the opening exposition episodes. Here's the next series I plan to watch.
  1. Portlandia
    I'm always on the verge of diving into this one. I usually pass it over, because I'm already watching SNL and don't want to get sketched out.
  2. Attack on Titan
    The mall is full of merch for this show, so it must be good, right?
  3. Peaky Blinders
    This is the latest favorite of Howard & Robin, so I'll give it a try.
  4. Fringe
    I'm a sci fi nut, so this one is a natural fit. But I have an issue with its X-Files vibe, which I never got into.
  5. The Good Wife
    One hour dramas are the toughest, especially without drug addicts or crazy people.
  6. Adventure Time
    This is my kids' favorite, and I've seen a few. It's definitely odd enough to give a chance, and I dig the 15 minute episode length.
  7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    My in-laws loved this when it was on, which was a repellant at the time. There are so many episodes, it'll be a big mountain to climb.
  8. The Knick
    I'm always rooting for Soderbergh. Didn't know this was his show until the second season.
  9. Sons of Anarchy
    I tried to watch on Netflix once already. I was alone, probably needed the wife to goof on it with.
  10. Steven Universe
    Another weekly fav of my kids. It has a heartwarming Ghibli vibe.
  11. Orphan Black
    Watched the first few when it premiered but didn't get into it. Heard good things about it ever since.
  12. Old Doctor Who
    Watched the new series with my kids. Been trying to figure out the easiest way to tackle 695 episodes. I've read you shouldn't start from the beginning, so I've been procrastinating.
  13. Rick & Morty
    I've had this one recommended a few times, may wait until it's over before I start.
  14. The West Wing
    This is last on the list, because it looks like shows I've watched before. I figure I'll get pickier as I get older and should have a few on standby.