I just want to be @bjnovak but this is my worst list yet
  1. Tired
  2. Static
  3. Static
    Back in Lund after a long day. Plenty of left over coffee. Cried in communal bathroom because I am so relieved we picked a photo for the cover of our yearbook
  4. In the library SAD about a lame project
  5. Bored, hungry, unmotivated, and surprised campus cleared so fast for Easter Break
  6. Waiting in the lobby of a busy downtown building for my second interview of the day, which I am pretty sure I did not dress up enough for
  7. In a different lobby with a different poetry book
  8. Ignoring responsibilities in response to my crippling stress
  9. Studying for the driving knowledge test for the state of Oregon
  10. Static
  11. In traffic with Mags, listening to her single along with her country playlist
  12. Just finished designing 11 spreads consisting of 498 senior photos
  13. Static
    Love the can design. But not the 13g of added sugar
  14. Trying to talk myself out of eating ice cream for dinner