Graduation Vacation In Review (aka photos)

I graduated and went on a family vacation, in which I attempted to cram an entire summer into one week.
  1. We hung around 23rd for a day, after packing me up and moving out of the dorm.
    Photo featuring Little Big Burger fries
  2. We drove to Seaside
    I drove with Uncle and Grandma to help them navigate. We pulled off at a nursery and Uncle took photos.
  3. The view from Seaside!
  4. I at 3 chocolate dipped cones from DQ in 2 days
  5. This green wall in Seaside! My favorite color!
  6. We went to Astoria for the afternoon
    So far north! That's Washington over there!
  7. We went to Hood River and I finally started reading this book
    Pictured: Columbia River and Washington!
  8. White water rafting down the White Salmon River
  9. My brother and a great view
  10. This salami pizza
  11. A scenic drive back to Portland
  12. Dutch Bros with my bro
    Three free drinks because my brother and mom had never been!
  13. Our last breakfast together
    I had a maple bacon croissant and an 8 oz latte with 2 shots