I turned 22 this week. While reflecting on my 21st year, I realized I had a good handful of jobs. I was not fired from any of them and only "quit" one.
  1. Children's Museum Summer Intern
    Started in May, when I was still 20. Finished in August.
  2. Graduate School Office Assistant
    Started in May when I was 20. Worked through the summer and fall semester, finished in December. I asked not to return in the upcoming semester, essentially quitting.
  3. Student Employment Student Assistant
    Started in April at 20, finished the following May. Truly a fantastic job. I wish I had had it all four years I was at the university.
  4. Yearbook Editor in Chief
    The book is obviously as close as it's ever been to being finished. The privilege of my lifetime (so far). April I was 20 to current.
  5. Temporary Office Clerk at a Portland Trucking Company
    My current gig. Worked here for a month before I turned 22. It's not perfect but it's good and that's always enough.