My last list with this title was the 26 jobs I applied to before I got my current temp job.
  1. Product Strategy Coordinator
    MBTech at Daimler Trucks
  2. Human Resource Generalist
    The University
  3. Talent Community Intern - Welocalize
    Via Handshake website
  4. Product Marketing Specialist at Johnstone Supply
    Handshake and Johnstone Supply website
  5. Product Specialist JXI at Johnstone Supply
  6. Event Marketing Associate & Management Trainee at Omni Events
    Via Handshake
  7. Promotions Coordinator Marketing & Advertising at Omni Events
    Via Handshake
  8. Management Training: Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations at Omni Events
    Via Handshake. Their job title, word for word
  9. Office Manager at Oak Harbor Freight Lines
  10. Operations Supervisor at Oak Harbor Freight Lines
    They want 3 years experience and I have none to offer them!
  11. Operations Management Trainer at Ryder Trucks
    Um but I didn't read the second bullet point in the job description that said "relocation within the region is required"
  12. Event and Communications Assistant at Omni Events Inc
    Via Handshake
  13. Sales Rep at International Sports Management
    Via Handshake
  14. Ocean Import Operations Specialist
    Via Campus Point
  15. Project Assistant at Deacon
  16. Project Coordinator at Mascott Equipment CO
  17. Asssitant Marketing Coordinator
    Through Boly:Welch
  18. Marketing Specialist (Internal Marketing Team) at Adpearance
  19. Sales Support Analyst Intern at Daimler
  20. Sales Development Representative at Deltek
  21. Customer Service Dispatch at Mascott Equipment Co
  22. Administrative Assistant, Meter Services and Field Operations at Portland General Electric
  23. Operations Supervisor at Oak Harbor Freight Lines
    Pretty sure I had already applied for this but the posting date had been updated and anyways they should have hired me already
  24. Administrative Admin at Forge Graphic Works
  25. Digital Production Assistant at Hanna Andersson
  26. Administrative Marketing Assistant at Pacific Office Automation
  27. Administrative Assistant at Pacific Office Automation