Starting at the very beginning
  1. Salvatore asked if I spoke Spanish and said I look like his daughter
  2. Tim in Parts offered me a donut
  3. Dan, the Parts Manager, put my employee barcode on a magnet near where we clock in so I didn't have to carry it with me everywhere
  4. Debbie, in HR, took me "upstairs" to get some old files for me to purge and I finally got to see where all the parts are and where shipping and receiving is.
  5. Dave, in Used Sales, told me I made it hard to miss Matt
    Matt was a beloved coworker who seemed to have a million roles and left the company recently.
  6. Katie told me she likes all the dresses I wear
    She is the only other young girl and usually ignores me lol
  7. Brenden, in Service, made tri-tip for the all department BBQ
    This has nothing to do with me personally but idk how to cook beef and always appreciate someone else preparing a meal for me
  8. Brenden took me into the body shop to show me where Kelly's office is
    When he saw me at the service window he said, "are you looking for me?" And pointed at himself because of course I couldn't hear him over the Body Shop.
  9. I overheard a mechanic in the warehouse talking to HR about how exactly he had set himself on fire but kept insisting it had been a month and he hadn't done it since.
  10. Dave "was detailing a truck out back" and came in wearing an old ball cap and gloves and smelling like sunshine.
  11. Debbie took me on a tour of the service department and the body shop and the back lot and the back parts counter and shipping and receiving warehouse and I finally saw where I keep sending customers and redirecting calls too.
  12. A cute girl that my supervisor had a long lunch with a couple of weeks ago delivered him an iced coffee today
    I was like 🤔🤔🤔 details please??
  13. Jared arrived with the mail as I was walking to clock out. I asked if he could take care of it and he said yes.
  14. The CFO brought in his dog, Lucy
    She is old and low energy which is my favorite kind of dog 😍
  15. A call came in for Dave but the caller could not remember his name and said, "oh that used sales guy with the motorcycle who seems like a real uncle?"
    When I said Dave, he said, "yes, Uncle Dave."
  16. Santiago's daughter facetimed him while he was signing checks at my desk because she was home alone and wanted him to find out when someone would finally come home.
    She sounded so scared and he was so kind and patient, of course.In the end, it was confirmed that her grandparents had been there with her the whole time.
  17. Dave and Santiago asked me, in total seriousness, what "nvm" means.
    "Claire, you're young...."
  18. Katie took the time to catch me up on the office gossip and answer all my questions about who is related to who and how long everyone has been there
  19. I went back to shipping and asked the shipping manager to send a package to another branch. "But I need to tape it." He said, "I'll tape it and ship it for you." I said thank you and he said "Anything for you." But I arrived the next morning to discover the package had not been sent and was sitting in the warehouse.
    Because of course it was not sent! (To clarify, I thought this was funny because I did not get in trouble.)
  20. I got two days off at the end of the month!
  21. Zak exclaimed "Claire!" while approaching my desk with a package
    This sounds so trivial but it's Zak!
  22. I returned to my desk to find a large tray of Ukrainian pastries out 😍😍
    An old salesman left them for the office. His wife made them! They are delicious and it's probably the sugar but my mood is instantly lifted. (Update: I ate three pieces and may be experiencing a sugar crash.)
  23. Katie copied my usual hairstyle- half up in a samari bun
  24. Dave said, "I like your top knot. Have you heard that before? I heard it in Game of Thrones last night. Is that right?"
  25. Katie walked past my desk and said, "I've decided we're work besties!"
  26. Jared came in and whispered a story to me about a man on the other side of the lobby
    Later, he passed by me while I was standing at the filing cabinet and placed his hand on top of my head
  27. Brandi let me go half an hour early on Monday.
    I drove Mags to the airport
  28. Zak pretended that he was struggling to carry the mail and could barely lift it onto the desk. I exclaimed, "no way, it's Tuesday!" Believing that the mail was heavy. But when I peered in, there were only three envelopes
    There is never much mail on Tuesdays
  29. Buck greeted with some sort of unnerving screech and of course I replied with a timid hey. He said, "I think she means hey fuck off" and I was surrounded by his and Zak's laughter.
  30. I spent three days carefully guessing Jared's middle name, after finding out his initials were JJJ.
    It's Joshua.
  31. Joe, a driver, asked for my number, told me he had been nervous to talk to me for so long, had been wondering if I had a boyfriend, that I was so pretty.
    In the end, he'd ask to see me 3 times and then stand me up.
  32. Joe, 4 days after standing me up, quit the job he told me he loved and moved to Colorado.
  33. We sat on the curb of the parking lot and watched the solar eclipse together. We had a 92% eclipse. It got dark and cool, like just after dusk. The parking lot lights turned on. The mechanics passed around a wielding helmet to look at it through.
  34. A cute, cuuute parts counter customer came over to my desk and said "are you the lease lady?" When I said no, he said "just some pretty girl who sells trucks then?"
    He was CUTE so this was okay
  35. Santiago let me off 90 minutes early for the eclipse.
    The office was slow
  36. Daniel, in Parts, brought in his two daughters (1.5 yrs and 3 weeks) during his paternity leave. Both girls have lots of dark hair and big, big cheeks.
  37. Someone was being very moody about the copier and I went to tell Santiago about it. After, I told him, "I need a minute before I re enter this situation. It's been a long morning." He asked if I needed a break, that he would cover for me.
    I said I was okay, I just needed a minute. And I sat in his office as he told me about his morning, until the person at the copier was gone.
  38. Jared said, "Here, Smalls. You're the best." As he handed me the mail.
  39. For a week or so, every time Zak came for the mail run, I'd insist there was no out going mail, that there's never any out going mail, even when I knew there was out going mail and he'd insist the opposite of everything I said. Today I said, "Oh there's mail!" (There was one envelope.) And Zak said, "No, there's no mail."
  40. I got off of a confusing call with a customer and Zak asked if I was okay
  41. Paige whispered good morning to me
  42. Zak couldn't find Katie in her office so he came to my desk to look for her
  43. Brandi said I didn't need to clock out during my phone interview, that she'd just cover for me.
  44. I put the report Santi had written on his desk and he said, "Oh wow you're really excelling today!"
  45. I started eating lunch in Katie's office in the chair her brother sits in when he takes his lunch 90 minutes later.
  46. Salvatore unexpectedly handed me a tamale wrapped in a paper towel
  47. I submitted my two weeks!
  48. Anytime I got to tell a coworker where/what my next job is
  49. Anytime Katie stopped at my desk while walking to or from her office to talk
  50. Anytime Brenden clicked his tongue as he smiled at me
  51. Anytime Zak got the mail for me
  52. Anytime one of the warehouse guys brought out a large box of copier paper at my request
  53. Every time Jared appeared between 3 and 4 with the mail
  54. Taking photos in Darral's shirt the week after he quit
  55. Lots of best wishes and good lucks on my last day
    These people sure were nice to me
  56. Got a little emotional typing out what Santi had told me as he said good bye
  57. I clocked out for the last time!
  58. Fran told me to let them know if I ever needed anything
  59. The newest warehouse guy walked past me in the parking lot and asked if I was going on vacation. I told him it was my last day and where I was going to work. He said "well that sucks" and I said "no it's good for me!" And he said "good for you but bad for us."
  60. This list is done!!
    I am grateful to have had this job and excited for what's next. I'm sure there will be plenty of lists from there too!