1. The story is that I got a car from my parents for graduation in early May. We went in a trip and I didn't start driving it until May 16th.
  2. The plates were sent to my old address 5/29/17.
  3. My old address (on campus) gave them to Student Activities to put in my yearbook office 6/15.
  4. I was out of town and did not get them until 6/20.
  5. I have been procrastinating putting them in ever since.
    My temporary is good until 8/2 so there's been no pressure.
  6. But now it's time.
  7. I am alarmed.
  8. Is it safe to post your plates on the internet?
    They are Oregon plates!!!! Wow!!!
  9. Why are there no directions??
  10. Um what screwdriver do I use?
  11. Thank God Mark left me this tool set or I'd be at Pep Boys trying to beg some employee to do this for me
  12. Wow okay y'all we are really doing this!!!
  13. Oh god I must have done the other side crooked
  14. This is not going well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Is it supposed to look like this
  16. Okay so my plate is just gonna stick out cause there are no holes for the bottom to screw into and you know what there are worse things in this world
  17. Time for the registration stickers!
    4 years registration for a new car in Oregon!!!
  18. The back is done!! Time to redo this all over again for the front!!!
  19. Wait should I just leave the plate frames off...
  20. Being exceptionally dramatic for this exhausted looking selfie
  21. Okay the front is done and looks good! Now I think I am going to take the frame off the back cause it looks tacky sticking out
  22. Okay momentary intervention while I called my dad who told me to look for "a bracket" online
    Seems a little high drama
  23. Going to leave frame on back plate and put frame on front plate
  24. Took exactly an hour but my plates are on!!!
  25. My gas tank is full and my plates are on but alas I should start thinking about getting it washed
    Or maybe I'll just cross my fingers for some Portland rain? 😬 🤞🏼