1. Stayed up until 1:15am Monday night
  2. Stayed up until 2:00am Tuesday night
  3. Drank 7 cups of coffee on Tuesday
  4. Texted [redacted]
  5. Ate an ice cream bar and 4 Oreos Wednesday afternoon
  6. Ate chips and salsa for breakfast and bbq potato chips for lunch Thursday
  7. Drank two large cups of iced coffee Thursday morning
  8. Did not do laundry
  9. Ate a stick of cheese and a handful of dill pickle potato chips Friday morning
    Before two job interviews
  10. Ate a cheddar jalapeño bagel with chive cream cheese in between my interviews
    Even though I knew my pants didn't fit all that great
  11. Drank 3/4th of an iced coffee in between my interviews
    As there is no public restroom in the building
  12. Said I like to "watercolor and paint, you know, relaxing activities" in my free time for a job that is all about being outgoing and personable
    I guess I could have said I like going to Blazers games or something... idk
  13. Didn't drink a single oz of water before 3:55pm Friday
  14. Woke up at 6:45am on Saturday
  15. Didn't eat lunch Saturday
  16. Ate too many churros Sunday afternoon
  17. Ate too many chicken wings Sunday evening
  18. Didn't look for my passport early enough