A lot of my thoughts start like this so I may as well make a list
  1. ...but I'm tired
  2. ...but Burnside is the worst street in America
    (This is in no way true)
  3. ...but I need this $200 Free People jacket
  4. ...but today has been the longest day
  5. ...but I hope I never own a pet
  6. ...but my life is so boring. When will something exciting happen?
  7. ...but I can't handle this impossible nostalgia
  8. ...but people need to stop calling me
    I got two phone calls while dying of bored in a waiting room
  9. ...but I'm going to throw up
    It's 2PM and I have consumed 0 calories today
  10. ...but I fully expect the sound of the traffic outside to drive me out of my mind this summer