Podcasts I'm Listening To

I am going through another no music phase.
  1. This American Life
    #613 OK, I'll Do It blew my mind. All three acts.
  2. Serial
    I just started Season 1, Episode 3. Addicted. I need to know what really happened.
  3. The Poetry Gods
    Okay so I don't listen to all of every episode but I do my best to tune in, always hoping for some wisdom from Jon Sands. It helps when I like the guest poet too.
  4. Drinking Buddies
    I almost lost my mind when Noah said Taylor Swift's Red beat out Kendrick Lamar for Album of The Year at the Grammys on the Rap Week episode. We all know Red lost to Daft Punk. It was Swift's 1989 that beat out Lamar. But that's beside the point.
  5. Honorable Mention: IndieFeed Performance Poetry
    RIP!!! What a show. What a run. Still revisiting old episodes.
  7. S Town
  8. Stuff You Missed In History Class
    I'm essentially just going down the top rated chart lol
  9. My Favorite Murder
  10. Not Too Deep
    Realized I was overdoing the murder and crime related stuff
  11. The Last Podcast On The Left
  12. The Catholic Dialogue
    James and Matt's new podcast! I love seeing my friends sharing their thoughts and creating content!
  13. Update: I redesigned DBP's logo for Erik and Noah!