I have a funny relationship with summer, which is to say I am convinced it is trying to kill me. It's not that last summer was great, it's that I survived it and am romanticizing it in hindsight. This week, I realized I was trying to slip into the routine that got me through last summer.
  1. Eating salad for dinner out of a pot
    I didn't have a bowl last summer. I still don't have a bowl.
  2. Making a breakfast sandwich on an English muffin, wrapping it in foil, and placing it on top of the coffee pot to stay warm.
  3. Packing coffee in my blue thermos
  4. Listening to In the Heights
    Last summer all I did was listen to Lin Manuel. I haven't revisited Hamilton yet this summer. I am sure I will soon.
  5. Wearing my headphones and dancing as I walk through an empty campus
    Campus hasn't been empty since last summer
  6. Braiding my hair before bed
  7. Diffusing lavender and lemongrass essential oils at night
  8. Wearing my shark shirt