I live 1000 miles from my mother and am 22 so I can wear whatever I want. My 12 year old self can't believe it. The hat is the common theme.
  1. Static
    Tshirt and dress from Urban. Both at least a size too big, if not two. Not pictured: black Adidas.
  2. Static
    Shark tshirt from goodwill that I cut into a tank top. Men's Gap over shirt from the basement of my old dorm. Not pictured: running shorts.
  3. Static
    Pajama shirt that used to be Grandpa's. Not pictured: gray leggings, orange halloween socks, and blue nikes.
  4. Airport
    Ivy Park crop top over an Urban dress. Off brand shoes purchased on clearance from the Rack. Braids by my mom.
  5. Seattle
    That black urban dress. Free People pullover that i am happy to admit is kind of ugly. Not pictured: blue Nikes.