1. My professor compared beer pubs to a Catholic mass
    The spirituality, the community, and the brewer is the priest
  2. I processed paper time sheets for the entire year
    What is this 1995
  3. I ate at Nighthawk
    Just some random dinner I never planned to step foot on
  4. I messaged a boy I was supposed to message in November
    Sometimes it take a awhile to get the timing right
  5. I overheard two girls sitting next to me in the cafeteria discuss the quality of the trivets they inherited
    I had to google trivets
  6. The above mentioned boy was not as impressive as I expected
    I should have seen this coming lol
  7. I cried on the Bluff circa 10pm Tuesday
    It's not really that weird. It's weird that this was the first time I've done this on this side of campus. There were a lot more headlights behind me than I was used to in East Quad
  8. I snoozed my alarm twice on Wednesday
    I never snooze my alarm. It took me thirty minutes to get out of bed.
  9. It took me an hour to get out of bed on Thursday
  10. I ate at Taco Bell for the first time
    Nina wanted it for her last supper before field training this weekend and I wanted to support Nina
  11. I made my photography editor's bed
    I was trying to review men's basketball photos but was distracted
  12. I ditched my Friday 9:15am class
    It was a political statement. I'm tired of males wasting my time, including professors.