I'm in Portland. The Columbia Gorge is burning. With the heat and the smoke and the falling ash and the evacuations, I am finding it hard to not feel like the world is ending. I should clarify that at the time I bought these items, evacuations were still far away. Still, the lines at the store were long and the water section was nearly half empty.
  1. 2 gallons of water
    You're supposed to have one gallon per person per day for 2 weeks if you have to evacuate.
  2. 12 bottles of water
  3. 2 packages of tortillas
  4. Double stuffed Oreos
  5. Doritos
  6. A jar of ranch dip
  7. Chicken tenders
  8. Teriyaki sauce
  9. Microwaveable rice
  10. Popcorn kernels
  11. Photograph evidence of me not handling my stress and anxiety well