Should have started this a long time ago
  1. Going to the DMV to get my Oregon DL
    4/25/17. 3:56AM
  2. My last presentation of my undergraduate studies
    4/27/17. 4:20AM
  3. A stomach ache and also thirst and also my blankets were messed up and also a hypothetical Facebook message that I had dreamed and not actually received
    4/28/17. 2:58AM
  4. Getting a car and getting car insurance and also driving
    5/1/17. 4:58AM.
  5. The drive to and the job description of the job I accepted for the summer. The timeline of a friendship with a boy I haven't spoken to in years.
    5/3/17. 2:08AM to 3:20AM.
  6. A stomach ache and also somehow coordinating the next three days of my life, for which I feel triple booked
    5/4/17. 1:19AM.
  7. Driving this new car and parking this new car and finishing packing and adjusting to a new job that maybe was not right to take
    5/6/17. 2:00AM ish.
  8. How screwed I am that half of the yearbook spreads have been updated with a new version of InDesign and now the computer with the publisher plug in no longer works
    5/7/17. 4:14AM.
  9. I was sleeping next to my mom, which always makes me worry I'll toss and turn too much. Also, there was a boy down the hall who was previously mentioned on this list.
    5/9/17, any time after midnight and before 8am
  10. I am getting nervous for my family to leave me in Portland, to start a long summer at boring job, to finish the yearbook alone. And a stomach ache.
    5/14/17. Just before 1:30AM.
  11. My (new) roommate talks in her sleep. Very unnerving.
    7/9/17. 1:01am.
  12. I definitely submitted our yearbook proofs wrong and I don't know how to fix it or what it means.
    7/10/17. Approx 2:30am.