1. How To Untangle Yourself From The Thought Of A Boy in 48 Hours
  2. My Parents Say They Are Proud of Me But I'm Skeptical
  3. The Most Creative Person In The Room
  4. My DNA Cannot Resist Pasta
  5. Candlelight, Roller Blades, & Acrylic Paint
  6. Quarry Kid
  7. I Did Not Know Rice Could Be Sticky Until I Was 15
  8. A Boy Turned Me Down So I Started Liking Him More
  9. Slightly Dehydrated and Really Bloated
  10. I Thought Being The Youngest Sibling Would Get Easier But It Never Did
  11. A Series of Impossibly Long Weeks
  12. All Colors Are Nuetrals
  13. I Didn't Invite Empathy To The Party