1. Are these allergies that are keeping me awake actually a cold?
  2. Is it too early to go for a run? Will I get attacked if I do?
  3. How important is it for me to see the sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial today?
  4. Is there a Burger King nearby so I can get cinnamon rolls for breakfast?
  5. Am I spending too much money?
  6. I still don't completely understand that case about Burger King and the concept of personal jurisdiction from Civil Procedure. Will I never get it?
  7. Will I be a bad lawyer? Will I shame the reputation of Georgetown Law?
  8. Is it bad that it's only been three weeks of class and I already find myself saying things like "it's just law school - you wouldn't get it" to other people?
  9. I haven't spoken to my parents in a few days. Am I losing touch with them? Should I call more?
  10. Will I have adequate time to spend with my sister when she visits next weekend?
  11. Will law school cause me to lose the whimsical aspects of my personality such that I will become insufferable to lawyers and non-lawyers alike?
  12. I have an ungraded assignment due tomorrow. What if I mess it up so badly that the professor decides such an egregious mistake should affect my grade?
  13. Am I worrying about grades too much?
  14. Is it worth it to try to fall back to sleep?