A moment-by-moment account of the Labor Day weekend Saturday of a Georgetown Law 1L
  1. Made toast with butter and jam for breakfast
  2. Walked to favorite coffee shop
  3. Discovered the "Have a Great Day!" playlist on Spotify
    It instantly became my soundtrack for the day
  4. Did four hours of contracts reading, accompanied by an iced blackberry vanilla latte and a lavender lemonade
    Also may or may not have seen a coach for the Washington Redskins. Seriously unsure
  5. My friends showed up three hours in to my four hour study sesh
    Pleasant surprise! We sat together and people watched
  6. Came home briefly to ditch backpack and eat lunch
  7. Metro-ed to Target and ran into another friend on the train
  8. Was amused by the cart escalators at Target
    And bought some stuff
  9. Metro-ed to West Elm
    Found desired items hastily so as to avoid someone I didn't want to talk to. I thought this was supposed to be a large city where such things didn't happen?
  10. Metro-ed home
    And saw the same friend on the train that I saw on the way to my shopping excursion! Also felt a little vulnerable because I was carrying a lot of bags
  11. Gleefully put my purchases in their proper locations
    Throw pillows and blanket in living room! Cutlery drawer organizer in drawer!!!! (No more looking for cutlery and being concerned about getting stabbed by a rogue knife!!!!)
  12. Made an early dinner
    Texted long distance best friend to ask if she gets proud of herself for cooking too. She said yes and made me feel better about myself
  13. Drank a beer and read more contracts
  14. Showered
  15. Talked to my sister on the phone for more than half an hour
  16. Did laundry and finally finished contracts reading!
  17. Organized syllabi and finally got course materials in order
  18. Registered to vote in DC
  19. Caught up with some friends from far away via Facebook group chat