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NASA recently conducted a public panel where they presented some surprisingly compelling arguments for existence of aliens, and the fact that we'll find them. Check out some quotes from the panel below.
  1. "There is no way I've devoted my life to a fantasy" -NASA Chief Scientist Carol Patterson
    "I have multiple degrees from the world's top universities. I'm not some child imagining a kingdom of magic and wonder... Right? I just can't be."
  2. "I have to fit in somewhere" -Director of Heliophysics Stanley Walsh
    "I've struck out on earth, so where else could I fit in?! I've also struck out under the sea."
  3. "Neil Armstrong said he didn't finish all the astronaut ice cream, aliens did" -Astronaut Buzz Aldrin
    "Neil's so smart and cool"
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The Ringling Brother Elephants gave their final performance last week and have been officially retired. Free from the shackles of performance, how will the elephants spend their days?
  1. Spending more time with their families, begging to be accepted back into the herd.
  2. On a golf course in Florida, stamping down all the hills
  3. Getting back to their roots in the jungle, trying to accept the fact that wild elephants don't wear little hats and instead just run around naked and shameless
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