The Ringling Brother Elephants gave their final performance last week and have been officially retired. Free from the shackles of performance, how will the elephants spend their days?
  1. Spending more time with their families, begging to be accepted back into the herd.
  2. On a golf course in Florida, stamping down all the hills
  3. Getting back to their roots in the jungle, trying to accept the fact that wild elephants don't wear little hats and instead just run around naked and shameless
  4. Vegas, baby! Where they will desperately try to get in some kind of show, any kind of show, because performing is the only life they know
  5. On a nature preserve, showing off all day and not making any friends
  6. Writing a book exposing the cruelty and injustices they suffered at the hands of The Ringling Bros. unfortunately the book is just page after page of elephant paw print
  7. Making one of those interspecies-friendship videos, no matter how difficult it is or how many ducklings have to die
  8. Helping disadvantaged children learn to be afraid of elephants
  9. Out to stud