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As suggested by @TQ this is what I am finding as a new drone owner. Anyone else have some good ones? (Publishing now as it has been in my drafts forever)
  1. People who have no clue what it's like still think it's awesome.
  2. It can last a maximum of 28 minutes before having to recharge, but that takes a little over an hour.
  3. I honestly am finding I'm talking about it far more than participating.
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After this weekend when @TQ crowd sourced my newly created Tinder profile for maximum efficiency https://li.st/l/0urnpX8iijFdOG4Aije90C , so here is what I've seen on my first time out.
  1. Dogs / Must love dogs
    I'm allergic. This sucks. So if you are a guy who loves/has dogs, you are the dog in this gif...if not, then one of the chairs in the background better represents you. Runner up: Cats (I'm also allergic)
  2. Wine 🍷
    I'm back in the game. Where dogs are my Achilles heel, wine is my ace in the hole. I know more about wine than the average dude, and my collection is at around 60 bottles. I'm back! Now I have to be sure I don't sound like a snob. Runner up: Whiskey...sort of surprising. Scotch not as often seen, but earned bonus points from me.
  3. University of Kansas (KU)
    How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm? The girls from "The Sunflower State" are apparently lonely in the big city. I had thought Kansas must be 70:30 girls to guys, but it's not the case. Runner up college: IU 👎🏼
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Inspired by @BWN_7 via @TQ
  1. 8.
    County Road 1
    We're #1! Actually not #1. I only lived here for a few years, K-2nd grade. Not a bad street, but not near the top.
  2. 7.
    Indiana Ave.
    My first road ever. In Indiana...originality on display.
  3. 6.
    Lotus Ave.
    Center your Chi! My first place in the Chicagoland area. Sleepy little part of Skokie-dokie!
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On the lighter side...up, up, and away!
  1. The view
    Though I often have my window closed (it's bright out and commonly just white below) at times the view is fantastic. One of my favorite Instagram posts I've put up is a picture of Chicago beneath a partly cloudy sky. Love it.
  2. The places
    There is so much to see in this wide world, and if I want to see as many parts of it as possible, air travel is the ticket.
  3. The speed
    Seriously, I'm jetting through the air at hundreds of miles per hour. Amazing the distance we can cover in such a short time. I mean the Oregon trail would take people months! No dysentery here!
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Written on a small handheld electronic device in airplane mode while we taxi, about to take off
  1. The person sleeping in front of me with their window wide open
    I appreciate their ability to sleep with blinding light pouring in behind their designer neck pillow...but if I wanted to sleep, it would be impossible.
  2. The people who think they are smarter than aeronautical engineers
    Maybe not engineers per se, but the people who design planes. Lady next to me asked to have the middle seat hit her reading light button and then complained it wasn't over her head in the aisle seat. I think we want overhead baggage slightly more than you want to read...and the light works just fine.
  3. The preflight seatbelt instructions
    I've been next to someone who couldn't honestly figure out a seatbelt...and they helped that person BEFORE the preflight announcements. Seriously, just tell people that they have to fasten their seat belts. We know how to use them. Going over redundant information makes people pay attention less...which isn't good.
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This is a list for me...that TQ will almost completely write.
  1. Friday Night Lights
    I tell him I already lived it...but apparently that means I need to watch it too.
  2. The Wire
    "You HAVEN'T seen THE WIRE" - everyone
  3. Justified
    The #1 show I need to watch. So. Many. Episodes.
    Suggested by   @mjprovine
There are so many places to go in the world, and so many...wait, I'm not in an airplane just yet!
  1. Charlotte, NC
    Already booked to see my Panthers.
  2. Austin, TX
    On the list for too long. A few friends are there, a great food scene, and fun night life...must hit.
  3. Seattle, WA
    Been there twice on business. Loved it all. Need to explore more.
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