On the lighter side...up, up, and away!
  1. The view
    Though I often have my window closed (it's bright out and commonly just white below) at times the view is fantastic. One of my favorite Instagram posts I've put up is a picture of Chicago beneath a partly cloudy sky. Love it.
  2. The places
    There is so much to see in this wide world, and if I want to see as many parts of it as possible, air travel is the ticket.
  3. The speed
    Seriously, I'm jetting through the air at hundreds of miles per hour. Amazing the distance we can cover in such a short time. I mean the Oregon trail would take people months! No dysentery here!
  4. The air vent when it is properly working
    A nice cool breeze when I'm a bit hot. Necessary. And the newer planes allow for a fair amount of control.
  5. The witty pilots
    I always appreciate humor and wit from the pilot. Sets people at ease who are nervous about flying, and entertains those of us who aren't.
  6. The people watching
    As a fairly frequent flyer, I find it a bit funny to watch everyone handle air travel differently. And there is an amazing variety of people on most every flight. It's refreshing and interesting.
  7. The Zzzzz....
    White noise on planes can put me out like a light. I actually sleep rather well on planes, and enjoy it.
  8. The quiet for reading
    I've gotten pretty bad about reading lately, but I can always dive into a book (on the iPad these days) while on a plane...if I'm not sleeping.