Little Things That Bother Me on Planes

Written on a small handheld electronic device in airplane mode while we taxi, about to take off
  1. The person sleeping in front of me with their window wide open
    I appreciate their ability to sleep with blinding light pouring in behind their designer neck pillow...but if I wanted to sleep, it would be impossible.
  2. The people who think they are smarter than aeronautical engineers
    Maybe not engineers per se, but the people who design planes. Lady next to me asked to have the middle seat hit her reading light button and then complained it wasn't over her head in the aisle seat. I think we want overhead baggage slightly more than you want to read...and the light works just fine.
  3. The preflight seatbelt instructions
    I've been next to someone who couldn't honestly figure out a seatbelt...and they helped that person BEFORE the preflight announcements. Seriously, just tell people that they have to fasten their seat belts. We know how to use them. Going over redundant information makes people pay attention less...which isn't good.
  4. The rapid recliner
    I don't care if the person in front of me wishes to recline, it's their happy choice to do so. But when they throw the seat back so fast that is seems like they were feeling the entire force of the plane jetting through the air...that's a bit annoying.
  5. The jerk who complains about Wifi or electrical outlets.
    Seriously, Louis CK did a great bit on this that I don't need to rehash here.
  6. The person playing music on their phone who has no idea their headphones aren't in.
    I'm so self conscious of this, surprises me others aren't. Cool it DJ. No one else wants to hear "Home" by that folksy band I can't remember the name of.
  7. The passive aggressive flight attendant
    I know the job is tough, not exceptionally rewarding, but when you are even passive aggressive toward other flight attendants, then you may need to fly jump seat to an exotic locale for a vacation.
  8. The odd lavatories in the middle of the plane
    Thank the super computer that assigned me my seat that I am not next to that Port-O-Potty in the center of this pressurized tube we are flying through the air on...