State of Tinder: Chicago Male Perspective

After this weekend when @TQ crowd sourced my newly created Tinder profile for maximum efficiency , so here is what I've seen on my first time out.
  1. Dogs / Must love dogs
    I'm allergic. This sucks. So if you are a guy who loves/has dogs, you are the dog in this gif...if not, then one of the chairs in the background better represents you. Runner up: Cats (I'm also allergic)
  2. Wine 🍷
    I'm back in the game. Where dogs are my Achilles heel, wine is my ace in the hole. I know more about wine than the average dude, and my collection is at around 60 bottles. I'm back! Now I have to be sure I don't sound like a snob. Runner up: Whiskey...sort of surprising. Scotch not as often seen, but earned bonus points from me.
  3. University of Kansas (KU)
    How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm? The girls from "The Sunflower State" are apparently lonely in the big city. I had thought Kansas must be 70:30 girls to guys, but it's not the case. Runner up college: IU 👎🏼
  4. Machu Picchu
    This llama is a good representation of a large number of pictures I've seen. Apparently, Machu Picchu is a single girls favorite vacation location. Runner up: everywhere else, as EVERY girl loves travel.
  5. Cubs / Blackhawks
    My most common interests with girls on Tinder. Not a bad thing at all. And not all that unexpected. Runner up: Browns (Browns?!?! What the hell?!) Obviously a number of girls fled Cleveland to Chicago. Can you blame them?
  6. Big Star
    If it shows I have only one common interest with a girl, and it's not the Blackhawks or the Cubs, it's Big Star. Wicker Park's trendiest of the 30 taco restaurants in a square mile. Runner up: Kuma's Corner.
  7. I'm 5'X" tall...and I love my heels!
    Aka- you must be between 4" - 12" taller than me. Bonus points for being even taller. I'm not short, but still feel bad for short guys who see this as an uncontrollable deal breaker just like my dog allergy is. Runner up: runners / cross fit who are looking for super athletic dudes to run marathons with while carrying sandbags.
  8. Sapiosexual
    Well I learned a new word this weekend. According to @TQ it is a very popular term now on online dating platforms. I agree that intelligence is attractive, but I'm not sure if reciting pi to 1,000 digits is ever going to bring someone to climax...I may be wrong though. Runner up: 🚫 hook ups
  9. Ice Cream
    I lied. This is my real ace in the hole. And shameless self promotion (since I developed that ice cream in the picture) Runner up: Foodies (hate that term, I much prefer Food Nerd 🤓)