I'm a cancer. Sign of the crab- hard outer shell, soft interior. Susan and I have a complex thing going on.
  1. It's a bad month to sign a contract.
    I get this one a lot for some reason. I can count the contracts I have signed for myself on one hand, so I usually dismiss it. However, I work with contracts for other people as a living, and so this is always slightly concerning to hear. What if I'm messing everyone else up with my bad contract juju?
  2. It's a good month to travel or escape somewhere, but only on this very specific xxx date.
    I book travel in advance so what if I miss it? Will my other weekends not be as excellent/wondrous/adventuresome as xxx date would have been?
  3. A family member will be especially needy, possibly sick.
    This is my least favorite prediction for obvious reasons. She really taps into my psychic anxiety here. No, just no.
  4. You will have a meaningful interaction with your boss that may lead to a promotion or raise.
    I'm into this one. Will walk hallways in hopes of increasing random contact with company execs.
  5. Don't make any big changes this month.
    I openly defy this one all of the time to challenge her. Time to cut bangs.