A list of things I've heard at work that take on a different meaning or wouldn't normally hear outside a hospital setting.
  1. 'Let's do it now, I don't want to have to wake her up to stab her'
    Sorry what???😱
  2. 'I manually evacuated a patient today'
    Note: This does not mean wheel a patient outside😷
  3. 'We have a Code Brown!'
    No this is not a real External Emergency .... Actually it kind of is! 🚨
  4. 'We have a Frequent Flyer in emergency'
    No the patient isn't on a points system but does visit regularly.✈️
  5. 'I'm going to theatre'
    Not the entertaining kind but I always respond 'have fun!'🎭
  6. YES, he finally POOPED!!!
    Never before have bowel movements been so exciting...💩
  7. 'I'm here to see my father'
    Not funny? It is when you ask 'Who is your father' and they answer 'Dad' 😐