If I'm being completely honest, I lie a lot.
  1. "Oh yeah, I'm familiar with that band"
  2. "Flossing? Hell yeah!"
  3. "I've barely eaten anything all day!"
  4. "Exercise is dope."
  5. "Of course I went outside today"
  6. "These aren't pajama pants, they're stylish pants."
  7. "I wear more than one bra, duh."
  8. "Pregnant? Sure, why not."
  9. "Obviously I've eaten something other than bagels. I'm not an animal."
  10. "I like Rent. I think it is OK that they don't pay their rent."
  11. "You shouldn't worry, I would never read your diary, no matter how easy it is to sneak into your room"
  12. "Ew, I wouldn't sleep with Donald Trump for all the money in the world."
  13. Of course I don't think I will be resurrected by cats when I die! I was only kidding."
  14. "I've never told a lie in my life."