1. We had this idea for one where the “G” is shooting hoops with the “g” and the “e,” and one of the “o’s” is the basketball, and the other one is the hoop on the “l.” Could be fun. We don’t really know how advanced these things can be.
  2. Okay, so all the letters would be kind of shadowy, and there would be, like, spies coming out of them, or if the letters are big enough the spies would be in them, hiding. And then one of the “o’s” is John le Carré’s head. Happy birthday, John le Carré.
  3. The “G” shimmies out, dancing to a cool beat. The “e” comes out from the other side, doing a cha-cha. The second “g” comes out and it’s doing the Electric Slide! And here come the two “o’s,” doing a fun limbo! Cool, guys!
  4. The “l” is a tornado, and the rest of the letters are all windblown and blustery. You can click on it and there’s an animation where the letters fly around! There’s no particular reason it’s a tornado, other than just for fun, but we would make sure it wasn’t soon after any real tornadoes.
  5. For Bastille Day, we could spell out “Google” in French.
  6. The letters know your name, and they won’t stop chanting it, even when you close the browser window! Maybe there’s a simple algorithm to make this work?
  7. First, you try to type something into the search bar. Then a little person pops out of one of the “o’s” and yells, “Stay away from me condo!” Then you wonder to yourself, “Has he been living there this whole time?!”