Trust us, your adopted friends would rather you just didn’t.
  1. “Adopted? That means you eat the whole plum including the pit, right?”
  2. “Where is the receipt for the purchase of you?”
  3. “You’d be perfect to play the adopted goon in my gangster film.”
  4. “Do you hope to one day find your birth parents and adopt them as revenge?”
  5. “How many more times do you think you’ll be adopted?”
  6. “Adoption is one of the best ways to become a stranger’s mom.”
  7. “Aren’t you afraid that someone will go back in time to try to erase your parents from history, but when they start fading from photos, you’ll remain in those photos, and you’ll look weird just standing there by yourself?”
  8. “Hop on my skateboard, and let’s go find your real parents.”