Things I Love

My first list was things I hate and now I need to tell you the things I love so you can see that I am an overall happy person!
  1. My family
    I hit the family jackpot and seeing how other families compare I feel even luckier. I've got great parents, great siblings, wonderful Aunts & Uncles, and I got to know all of my Grandparents while they were on earth and am fortunate enough to still have my maternal Grandpa alive, I enjoy speaking with him daily and visiting often.
  2. Reading
    Really one of my true passions. Harry Potter, romance novels, contemporary, biographies, non-fiction, fiction, classics I truly enjoy them all. If the sun is shining I even enjoy a serial killer book, but only if I finish before dark and can start something happier!
  3. Photography
    I got a camera seven years ago and it is still among my best presents ever, I love taking pictures of anything and everything people, places and things!
  4. Movies
    All movies but scary movies! Action, comedy, chick flicks, old movies, musicals, documentaries, westerns, and am sure there are categories I'm forgetting, honestly there is not much I don't enjoy besides scary movies!
  5. Mexican Food
    Yummy! I could pretty much eat this seven days a week and never get tired of it!
  6. French Bulldogs
    I hope to get one soon, I've wanted one for about three years from now! I already have the names picked out for a girl or a boy puppy as soon as I save up the dough to get one!
  7. Shopping
    I love finding a deal though as I've gotten older I'm trying to retrain myself that just because a shirt is $4 doesn't mean I have to buy it. Even if I'm not buying I still enjoy looking!
  8. Traveling
    I just started to travel last year and I love it and can't wait to travel more in the future!