At it again with the quick, cheap recipes. I gotchu
  1. Get yourself a bag of leaves
    I go with classic garden cause chewing leaves is my LEAST FAVORITE and lettuce is crunchy, but you go with whatever. Follow your heart. Use about half the bag (unless it's enormous, use your head)
  2. A can of refried beans
    You only need 1/2 a cup. Toss that 1/2 cup on the leaves. NOTE: Refried beans typically have lard in them which is MEGA YUCK. SO YUCK. Go for vegetarian, oil free if you can find it. Kroger makes a bomb vegetarian refried beans.
  3. A can of black beans
    Go salt free, babe. 1/2 a cup again. Toss it on the leaves.
  4. Sweet corn
    Again, half cup. Or full cup man idk. I use the frozen bag from my boo, Kroger. Heat it for five minutes, and toss those lil bad boys on there.
  5. Salsaaaaaaa
    I love salsa so I just dump that junk on there. Don't hold back. The salsa and the refried beans bring most of the flavor here so be aware of how they're gonna play
  6. Mix it up
    Do it. Move it all around and let that stuff combine
  7. Eat your awesome salad