I don't know too much about abs but I'm gonna give this a whirl
  1. Robert Cheeke
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    A man worthy of extreme admiration for his dedication to body building and wholesome living
  2. J-Mikes
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    Jillian is an inspiration to all bc she is FIERCE and literally kickin' she loves kickboxing
  3. Guy Fieri
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    I wanted to mention him because some abs are great without being hyper defined, and let me just say his are so killer that when you google them you just get pics of knives
  4. My Ginge
    Don't have a pic but saw them last week and can verify they are 💯💯💯
  5. Whoever this is
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    Shit, girl! Get it!!!
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    God just look at him
  7. Tyler Durden
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  8. Project Mayhem, Ringleader
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