I work at a service desk and sometimes when things are slow I dabble in doodling
  1. This super rodent
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    He has a calm power about him that I didn't intend... One of the rare instances in which art takes on a life of its own
  2. My best friend challenging some kind of lollipop dwarf to a game of basketball
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    A classic tale
  3. My board of executives
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    You don't know these people but trust me, I captured their likenesses pretty well and I'm actually very proud of that
  4. My coworker and I were discussing how much we love The Office
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    I get really excited when a simple looking doodle manages to resemble the person I'm drawing, even when it's just a little bit
  5. There's a story being told here, but I don't know what it is
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  6. I hate how this tiger looks but there's something here that I do like
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  7. I drew my friends as Halloween monsters
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    They thought it was neat
  8. I don't like this one
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    Drawing is a super loose hobby for me but ONE DAY I'll figure out how to draw people interacting with each other and I love this pose so it's my go-to practice
  9. Thanks for looking at my dumb pictures 😁