1. I'm about to start doing something that requires two hands, @mackenzieo calls me
  2. I have one drink it's two drinks
  3. I plan to meet with my boyfriend for dinner I end up standing around waiting
  4. I finally get the courage to leave the lecture to use the bathroom the professor launches into something complicated
  5. I work on group projects I'm the one that has to finalize it and turn it in
  6. I see a dog I have a short day dream of me and that dog spending our lives together
  7. I start to get cold there is no going back, the only thing I can focus on is Cold
  8. I see families with young kids I get mad that I'm can't just skip ahead to that part of life
  9. I go running I'm like damn how am I not always doing this but then I don't go again for like three weeks