Foods I've Tried Since Stopping Vegetarianism Ranked

I was a vegetarian for almost eight years and about two months ago I stopped
  1. 7. The Melt hamburger
    The one I had didn't have so many toppings or cheese, but it was still massive. I wasn't able to eat all of it, but I felt super heavy afterward and although it was satisfying I just don't really like beef I guess. My boyfriend said I have to get medium rare to fully appreciate it the experience but NO. The fries were fantastic though.
  2. 6. Chicken Breast Tenderloins
    I learned the hard way that these are cheap because they kind of suck. I put them in the crockpot and they got kinda "inside of chicken nugget" level mush. It still tasted ok but not doing it again. Also trimming it was icky cause there was a lot more fat and blood and whatever and I questioned why the hell I was even doing this many times
  3. 5. Chik Fil A Chicken Biscuit
    I had more of these than I care to admit when strapped for time going to work. They taste very good, but it's still fast food and has that kind of too buttery weird taste
  4. 4. Chicken Breast in Italian Dressing
    Put it in the crock pot, pour in the dressing and wait. Very simple but tasty and good on salad. I also put the leftovers into pasta sauce and that was good. Will probably make it a lot
  5. 3. Turkey and Cheese Sub
    That picture looks nasty, the one I had was way better. Went out with my boyfriend to his favorite deli place cause he'd always wanted to take me there. Turkey subs were big in my childhood so I was really happy to have one.
  6. 2. Macaroni and Cheese Quesadilla with Chicken
    I let @mackenzieo order for me at a taco place. It was amazing tho. I regret not getting real tacos there
  7. 1. My Mom's Chicken Tacos
    We had them Christmas Eve and they were AMAAAAAZING