At long last
  1. It has been almost ten months since I last got to spend my entire day caring for and playing with 20+ children
    For full job description see @mackenzieo , since she's still working there
  2. I have so sincerely missed it, there have been days when I was aching to read a book with too much enthusiasm, or go through the slow process of teaching someone how to catch a ball, or put a little blanket over someone's head and say "where did you go!?"
    All difficult things to do on a college campus
  3. I was so desperate to spend time with kids that I signed up for a babysitting website, and was getting disappointment after disappointment from spam people who offered me $500 to watch their kid
  4. When finally, I landed a job
  5. Some (a lot) of people say dealing with kids is too stressful, too loud and annoying, but I often feel the opposite
  6. Leaving campus, escaping the first week of classes, forgetting all of my obligations and sitting on a deck with s two year old trying to spot bunnies in the back yard and playing with snapchat filters was a wonderful thing
  7. Even when things weren't calm and we had an incident with a book that was supposed to make noises not making the noises, I was loving it
  8. I love helping kids figure things out, I love playing with them and making them laugh
  9. I love how easy it is for things like finding the trash can to be fun
  10. And I love how sleepy kids will rest against you while you read to them, how such a sweet, basic trust can form
  11. When I left the house tonight the baby looked so sincerely sad to see me go, cause we genuinely had a good time together
  12. Working in day care I got to be a part of kids having a fun, exciting, good day every day
  13. I miss it a lot
  14. But the good news is, I got to babysit tonight!!!