Gross, maybe? No puke pics
  1. Last night, for the first time in several years, I full on threw up
    I've had reflux for forever so I'm used to occasionally going through periods of stuff coming up my throat, and sometimes it's enough that I have to let it out but it's never a whole lot
  2. I had made myself two hummus wraps for my work shift cause I knew my ingredients were probably only gonna be good for a little longer
  3. I ended up only eating one at work and having the other for dinner at my boyfriends house
  4. Where I immediately thought 'wow I feel kinda nauseous' but all we were doing was watching cool videos of people off-roading and camping out of their cars so I was thinking it'd just pass and I could ride it out
  5. Then we got in bed and he was like 'we should talk about that fight we had last night' and we were very amicably talking it over when I stood up, walked to the bathroom, and vomited all over the tub
  6. Four times
  7. It didn't even feel like vomiting, there was hardly a burn, and it felt like a hose inside me had been turned on but instead of water it spewed lettuce and peppers
  8. It went so suddenly from 'eh it might be a good idea to have the trash can near me' to 'there is not even time to aim for the toilet' that I couldn't believe it was happening as I watched it happen
  9. And yet it was surprisingly gentle
  10. And when my boyfriend was heroically cleaning up after me he said "this is the most mild vomit I have ever seen"
    He thought his would be worse cause he eats meat and cheese and whatnot
  11. He then said "it just looks like a salad"
  12. And salad has been ruined for me for the foreseeable future
  13. But I'm curious if my diet contributed to puking up the entire contents of my stomach and then being pretty ok
  14. Has any other vegetarian/vegan puked recently and had a similar experience?
  15. Thanks for reading about me throwing up
  16. ✌🏻️