A friend and I recently discussed the idea of medicine being able to prolong life indefinitely. She was pretty into it, I was not.
  1. I would not get out of bed
    "I'll just do it tomorrow" would be a viable excuse every single day. If you're never going to run out of days why spend any of them working to make the others better
  2. The above point would be so difficult to overcome
    Sure some days you're able to really get yourself psyched but think about how often time pressures factor into your motivation. Be it getting in a run while it's still light out or getting a project in under a deadline
  3. You will live to see yourself shown up
    I'm seeing it as this unending cycle of achievement followed by a long, low period of inactivity or dissatisfaction with anything else you do. You can't be satisfied with having put in years of effort if you'll just have to go through it all again. Like working with no hope of retirement
  4. Depression rates would fucktuple
    If you're not thinking of ending your life yourself there's the comfort that this isn't forever. No situation is forever, even being alive. In the back of your mind, this relief is comfortably nestled among all of the other thoughts that make you feel good, whether you acknowledge it or not (and whether you're depressed or not). Being alive is a lot of work. Imagine the outlook you would have if that work would never end.
  5. Work would never end
    Being alive requires money. You get money by working. You're not gonna get to save for retirement cause what retirement? When will you retire? Retirement is the break you get before you enter the years that your death closes in on. It's an accepted fact in society. Imagine no retirement. It's like never again having a weekend.
  6. Everyone becomes the villain
    No more dying a hero. No one can be a hero forever
  7. You can't live outside the law like some fancy TrueBlood vampire
    It's not just you living forever. It's E V E R Y O N E. All of society has to shift toward this "none of us are gonna die" mentality
  8. There's a big difference between immortal and "suspended indefinitely"
    Systematic destruction of old people would most definitely become a thing. I don't want to even start imagining the evil that would breed from this kind of problem paired with the motivations of the people in power
  9. It would suck. My stance is a firm no.
    But I'm interested in other opinions.