It's been a trip
  1. To start, from ages 4-14 my mother gave me two options of where I could have my birthday party
  2. They were the town dump or the bathroom at Giant
    We could only conceivably party in one bathroom, so if I wanted to invite boys my only option was the dump
  3. I promise my mother loves me
  4. I never had a party in either of those places. I had approx. 27 parties at the pool
    Commonly referred to as "pool parties"
  5. I also partied at my house quite a bit
    I have a distinct memory of a 101 Dalmatians gift bag and my dad making having us play that game where you carry an egg as far as you can, balancing on a spoon that you hold in your mouth
  6. Honestly if you told me I'd only had like two birthday parties in my life I'd believe you
  7. My family has thrown or participated in so many parties I don't know which ones celebrated me
  8. I also remember one sick Harry Potter themed party we had for my older sister
    We had thin pipes that we made into wands and got to select cores for them, we had US currency covered in paper and decorated to look like knuts, sickles, and galleons, we had Harry Potter universe candy, we had the time of our lives at that party
  9. I remember an infamous family moment when we were hanging little skeletons from the ceiling
    I said "why are those skeletons up there" and a beat later the radio played that song that said "they did a bad, bad thing"
  10. One time we threw a fundraiser for ALS (cause my dad had that)
    We had gurney races around our neighborhood park, face painting, a moon bounce, a magician, and a silent auction from which my brother won an ENORMOUS basket of candy and an even bigger teddy bear that lived in our house for too long
  11. We had a lot of New Year'a parties
    Never 4get popping sparkling cider and watching the premiere of Phineas and Ferb
  12. Recently we had a party with a piñata
    It was shaped like Olaf the snowman, we filled it with small bottles of alcohol, condoms, little packets of lube, gummy bears, and assorted chocolate. Instead of hitting it with a stick we punched it apart
  13. #partyhard