All things that have worked for me. Results may vary.
  1. Whenever possible, use the bathroom outside of your own home
    Save on toilet paper and lower your water bill. OR do this to allow yourself longer showers without increasing the water bill
  2. If you're like me and don't wash your hair everyday, take your rinsey showers at the gym.
    At my campus gym soap is provided and the water pressure is really nice
  3. Use buses and a bike (obviously)
    I don't need to spend $300 on a parking pass and I definitely don't need gas to be a regular purchase. Plus my legs are looking fiiiiiine
  4. In addition to the above point, when you don't buy gas very often you rack up gas points at Kroger and when you do buy gas you get like 20 cents off
    Only applicable to Kroger peeps but probably is a thing at other grocery stores
  5. Bagels, bananas, beans, rice, eggs, frozen vegetables
    All cheap, filling, and not awful for you
  6. If you can handle it, don't get internet at home and just do all your work on campus where the internet is included in tuition
  7. If you have LED Christmas lights, use them as the primary lighting for your room if you're just chillin or doing stuff that doesn't require a lot of light. LEDs are hella energy efficient
    Be prepared for the aesthetic you will be living in tho
  8. If your parents have cable at their house, you can log in with their user name on the providers website and stream shows that premiere live. Don't buy cable.
    Also if you really want to watch tv on a tv get an hdmi cable or buy a fire stick or chrome cast and cast your computer to the television like a hip wizard
  9. Reduce how often you have to do laundry (if you exercise) by rinsing anything spandex or workout clothes material (like your running shorts or fancy shirt) in cold water in your shower before you take a shower post workout. Rinse them well, hang them up to dry, and you should get two or three more uses before you put them in a washing machine
  10. Meal prep by making bulk food ahead of time and having it on hand all week. This keeps you from buying crap every night at the grocery store or being tempted to eat out
  11. This one may be past but all the back to school stuff goes on sale in September, so get yourself a silly Elsa lunchbox for $4 and use it to carry around snacks like carrots and apples, again to deter you from spending money on food when away from home
  12. That's all I've got right now. Please add your own!