@mackenzieo and I are forever frenemies
  1. Some of you may know @mackenzieo on this app
  2. She likes to list about Harry Potter and for some reason BJ Novak follows her...
  3. But did you know that she is ADORABLE
  4. Sometimes we are mistaken for twins, and truly we can duel when it comes to cuteness
  5. But where I have the odd nice photo, this lil jerk has all nice photos
  6. She slays
  7. She slays with that adorable face
  8. While I'm over here...
  9. And she's just
  10. She knows what lighting is and utilizes it
  11. I know what lighting is but I suck anyway
  12. I have to take weird photos of her just to remind myself she's capable of them
  14. She doesn't even need this filter but of course she's killing it 😫
  15. Even her silly selfies are adorbs
  16. Sometimes I put on make up tryna be cute
  17. But then sometimes she sends me grainy b/w selfies right before bed and still destroys my soul
    Oh and she NEVER wears make up. Ever.
  18. Photos together pain me
    Just look at her glow
  19. When did she over take me
  20. So the beef is your lil sister isn't supposed to just come up and DESTROY YOU LIKE THIS
  21. Like god fuck off you precious little wood nymph
  22. It is just no good