1. Is there anyone in your life who perfectly exemplifies all of the things you want to be? Who is strong physically, mentally, and spiritually in ways that are both awe inspiring and quietly natural?
  2. Like Captain America (who is bomb) (and not Hydra) but actually out there?
  3. My hero is out there.
  4. My hero is Scott Jurek
  5. Ever since I was like 12 I've had a growing obsession with chasing my 'full potential.' I used to watch Dragon Ball Z and be so psyched up about these guys training and training, getting stronger every day and tackling bad guy after bad guy
    (who would suspiciously always be the WORST WE'VE EVER FACED only for the next guy to be THE NEW WORST WE'VE EVER FACED)
  6. I had this idea that there was no stopping the gain train, I could train too and I could achieve whatever I wanted.
  7. At this same time my family was four years deep in battling ALS. My dad was severely disabled (couldn't move, talk, eat) and our family revolved around caring for him. I felt a panicked push to get to this full potential thing fast. I wanted to believe a strong body could beat down any villain, even disease
  8. But it's not easy to take on a personal journey when all of your time and energy is invested in caring for other people. You learn to be selfless, or at least, to try hard not to be selfish. Throughout my teen years I considered anything I did that was only for me to be selfish, like trying different diets or devoting time to training plans.
  9. My time was always locked in "what could I be doing to be helpful" and "why am I not helping myself" which resulted in most of my time spent dreaming, sometimes planning, but ultimately wasted
  10. I joined my high school track team, and with that came a barrage of stresses.
    I'm not as fast as other girls, I don't look like other girls, I don't know enough to be here, I'm just kidding myself I'm not a runner, I make my siblings come pick me up every day and they get annoyed, is it even worth making them do that, I'm not even good at this
  11. But it also had the most wonderful, stress relieving, feel good activity that any being has ever taken part in
  12. Running!
  13. Beneath all of the doubts and fears I stayed on that team because I loved running. I loved doing it, talking about it, watching other people do it, thinking about it...
  14. I started seeking out ways to improve as a runner, which led me to the No Meat Athlete (a fine fellow who sealed my fate on pursuing the vegan diet), and through him, Scott Jurek
  15. Scott Jurek loves running. He races distances of 26.2 miles, 50k, 100k, 50 miles, 100 miles, 126 miles (!!!!). He races through mountains and deserts and every bit of earth in between, he runs in heat and freezing cold, he runs everywhere and over everything
  16. Oh and when he runs those races, he wins them
  17. And then he curls up in his sleeping bag at the finish line and waits there to cheer on every single runner to come after him. He congratulates them and he admires them, because they pushed through a grueling race too
  18. When I first picked up Scott Jurek's book, Eat&Run, it was at the recommendation of the No Meat Athlete. I wanted to read about running, and I knew Scott Jurek had a lot to say about running
  19. I found out that Scott's mom suffered from MS, and he realized the benefit of running as an escape from the responsibility of her care, the inevitability of her fate, and the burden of his own emotions surrounding these things. Reading this, I was all too familiar.
  20. As I read I continued to feel like Scott and I were of the same mind. He talked about running to feel alive, to chase himself, to be a part of the Earth and the force that moves it. He talked about the pain, and the struggle, and the deep satisfaction in being able to first overcome and then excel.
  21. In his accounts of his races I was repeatedly hit with the feeling of kinship, as he described his mental battles of putting one foot after another, of continuing through everything because life is so worth feeling.
  22. I can't quite describe the force that charges my soul and pushes me to want it. I'm not even able to articulate what it is, but I know it's real. Because Scott Jurek feels it too.
  23. The need to be connected to the Earth by eating from it (Scott is vegan), running on it, and giving back to it. To be connected to our fellow people by lifting them up, encouraging them, pushing them and being a shining example of what all of us can achieve.
  24. Scott Jurek is my hero because he has everything I want, but he doesn't keep it to himself. He openly, eagerly shares it. He makes me believe in myself. He inspires me.
  25. This list sort of got away from me because I honestly can't quite articulate the power I feel from knowing he's out there. The assurance that it's possible. How many times have I thought to myself, and really reflected on, "What would Scott Jurek do?"
  26. He's a real life superhero and I'm so glad he's out there. Running, eating, smiling. Letting me know it will all be ok.
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