Thinking forward since I am currently stuck being in school with no money and not much ability to help or do anything beyond posting on the internet.
  1. I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE! It's all I've ever wanted. I want to help people do good and feel good and be their best!
  2. So I'm in a major that lets me help people to take control of their lives and promote their own health through food choices. I also am learning what food people need to be healthy and how I can be the resource that gets it to them.
  3. Ultimately I want to help pregnant people to have a healthy pregnancy and then raise a healthy child. Especially those who want to have children but are in situations that make it difficult for them to provide for their families.
  4. I've always hoped to work in a government program that provides aid to women, infants, and children, because I believe that the government is supposed to be a force of good that helps its people when they are in need.
  5. I also believe that taxes are paid partially for the purpose of providing help to those who need it. We all contribute together, and every one of us can benefit from this should we need to.
  6. (Instead of that money going to... I dunno... some stupid as fuck useless project)
  7. So my skill set is still brewing and I can't do much with it yet. I just hope that when my time comes, these programs that are so crucial still exist, are still easy to access, and still benefit those that need them.
  8. And in the meantime I hope I can make a positive impact on people that I can reach.
  9. I'm not sure what my message is, but I know that I love seeing people have their hard work pay off
  10. I love motivating them to do that work. I love giving them the tools for success
  11. So since I'm just stuck here I guess my part is to say YES YOU CAN (AND SO I CAN I)
  13. And I am backing you 100%
  14. (Holy fuck that rhymed)
  15. I'm just sitting here frustrated so I hope I can do something, if anyone knows a way to be an activist from a little middle of nowhere place help me out