My Son

Lol this girl on my team called me and my bf "new parents" and we just... 😳😳😳
  1. This is Rudolph I love him
  2. I call him Rudy a lot and trust me it is cute. I know that doesn't sound like it'd be cute but it is
  3. We had a busy day today avoiding studying and exploring. This was him this morning, being a lazy bum and not getting out of bed until 20 minutes after me
  4. He spent his morning chasing tennis balls down the hallway and distracting me from watching The Office, I mean, from studying. He also ate his food too fast and got hiccups but kept playing anyway. He had too much stuff to do to be slowed down
  5. We took a ride over to his second home (my boyfriend's house) and he played with a squeaky bunny there. Then I took him to campus for a walk and then to the dog park where I took videos instead of pictures and I can't put videos on list 😢 but he is so good in the car!!! Look at him! Just chillin
  6. When we finally came home we napped together on the couch cause we were both real tired
  7. Legit he slept using my head as a pillow
  8. My boyfriend came over for dinner and we watched a few episodes of Archer as a family
  9. Then Rudolph invested a lot of time in destroying this tennis ball
  10. And just now I had to take him into the hallway to show him that my roommate was not an intruder, because he heard the door open and let out a surprising volley of barks. But his bark sounds a lot like my old dog Molly so it was nice to hear
  11. I can't believe I've only had him for a day and a half! I feel like we've been together forever
  12. Tomorrow I have to study for exams so he's going to his second home for most of the day, and Wednesday he's going to be neutered 😰
  13. He's a busy pup! I love him