Requested by Amie

Names For The Next Ten Puppies I Adopt

(As soon as I get a bigger apartment)
  1. Penny
    I loved watching 101 Dalmatians when I was a kid and told my mom I would name my future dog Penny, which happens to be my grandmothers name. My mom said my grandmother wouldn't like that, but when I asked she loved the idea
  2. Baggins
    Baggins will be a Leonberger, or some other ridiculously giant and fluffy breed. He will be friends with Hagrid
  3. Hagrid
    Brown Newfie. Would also accept Bernese Mt Dog, St Bernard, p much same category as Baggins
  4. Tigger
    Any happy, bouncy lil baby will do well with this name
  5. Cornelius (Yukon Cornelius)
    I've named my dogs Hermey and Rudolph so far. Whoever is next will be Cornelius
  6. Daisy/Petal
    I love the name Daisy for dogs and Petal is my other flower themed pick
  7. Pippin
    I was gonna name my dog Rudolph Pippin when I was planning to get him but then at the shelter his name was Rudolph
  8. Catch
    Said like "katch" not "ketch." This name is rowing themed and preferably this pup would like water and be my assistant coach
  9. Spade
    My dad had a dog named Spade and I'd like to honor that
  10. Cuddle
    If I adopted an old dog who was just ready looking for warmth and love