I'm like four million years from having babies but a gal can dream
  1. Gwendolynn
    Classic princess name but I like how when I say it out loud it makes me think of wind chimes and I want my baby to have a peaceful and beautiful name to match her otherworldly beauty and cuteness and also the fact that having a baby would just be such a miracle. Also I like Gwen as a nickname
  2. Ginevieve
    This is another one that I just enjoy saying out loud that I feel would be fitting for the feeling of magic I get in my chest when I even imagine looking into the eyes of a baby that is my own. Bonus: if she ends up having red hair I mean I didn't INTEND to have my own Ginny buuuut... 😁
  3. Caughlin
    This name is like Colin but 'Colin' sounds tinny to me and 'Caughlin' softens that tinny part to make what I think is a really nice name. I want my kids to have names that just can't be said aggressively and that give me a happy feeling to say
  4. Griffin
    My older brother is named Griffin and sadly he is no longer alive, so I would name my baby for him. It would be nice to bring him back into my life with his name, and maybe it would incite his soul to be reincarnated into my baby, which would be the dream tbh
  5. Garland
    My middle name is Garland and I've always loved it so I would be happy to pass it on to my kid. Also I'm named for my great grandmother, who was named Faerie Garland. I would call my girl Faerie Garland but I'm not sure I could send someone into the world legally named Faerie (also in lore fairies are freaky af)
  6. Most names that sound just a little magical or light
    Because a baby is a gift, a gift from above!!! A baby is a gift from above-bove-bove
  7. Brb gotta go watch the Rugrats movie