I couldn't contain myself and there's more than one per month I'm sorry (it's so long OMG)
  1. January
    Started the new year hiking with me mam
  2. January
    I curled my hair and it was lovely
  3. February
    I started walking dogs at the animal shelter and I'll never stop
  4. February
    My home was taken from me and they moved us into this racquetball court 😭 (we've made it livable since)
  5. March
    I took this excellent photo of @mackenzieo
  6. March
    We had a surprise party for Mom2 and both my mothers glowed that day
  7. March
    My team had spring break training and launched from a beach in 20 degree water
  8. March
    We couldn't use our regular dock cause it was trapped in 7 inch thick ice that covered our entire cove. Took this picture moments after busting a path through it in a launch (the coach rode the launch up onto the ice and I jumped on the bow until the ice cracked. We repeated this like 20 times)
  9. March
    Mackie and I were drifters in a local diner in Short Pump and spent the 2 hour drive home afterward creating a story about two sisters who ran away from home and ended up in a diner
  10. April
    I looked fresh as heck
  11. April
    We medaled at SIRAS. First place. VT Crew for lyyyyyfe
  12. May
    My team participated in a week long fundraiser where we built a shack on $20 and stayed in it 24/7. It rained a lot and our shack leaked a lot but it was a great time
  13. May
    We had a cake to celebrate the day Mac got run over
  14. June
    @henschwenn made me the best birthday cake EVER for my shark themed birthday party
  15. June
    Hannah and I turned UP at my bday party
  16. June
    Mac took this photo that captures my summer aesthetic
  17. July
    The bae and I had a fantastic 4th at the beach
  18. July
  19. July
    I coached a rowing camp and it was an excellent two weeks
  20. August
    Hit up the beach to celebrate Liv's bday
  21. August
    Me on the porch of my FIRST EVER APARTMENT
  22. September
    I had the time of my life erging all month (no races in September 😢)
  23. September
    We drove from bburg to DC to get a rental boat since the one that was tragically damaged had not yet been fixed
  24. October
    A legend was created
  25. October
    My bff and I traveled by train to Boston to cheer on our men's 4+ at the Head of the Charles Regatta
  26. November
    My hair turned red
  27. November
    I started something with the ginger (bottom left) and it all started on the way to this regatta. Also raced stroke for the first time and got to race a mix with the coaches (pictured)
  28. December
    Really took off with this here ginge
  29. December
    Became blonde and bought my dog a sweater
  30. December
    Looked cute in a Santa hat